In Latin Solo, we learn Latin dances as solo dancers, without partners. No need to look for partners, no need to worry about stepping on your partner’s foot!


Latin dancing is beautiful when danced as partners, but sometimes there are more ladies than gentlemen available for dancing. And unfortunately, this stops many ladies from being able to learn or enjoy Latin dancing.

There are also many ladies who may not be allowed to dance with men who are not their partners due to religion, culture, personal preferences, or by their own partners as it may be uncomfortable or be inappropriate.

Latin Solo allows everyone the freedom to enjoy dancing Latin without being limited by the need or availability of a partner!


Latin Solo is open to everyone of all ages, although our classes are made up primarily of ladies.

In our classes, we will learn different Latin dances such as chacha, rumba, jive, samba, salsa, bachata, and more!

The movements and steps are the same as those that can be used in Latin partner, which means that dancers can use the same steps to dance with a partner. They are also taken from the international syllabus, which means they can dance with anyone who have learnt Latin dancing, and can even take the same movements to examinations and competitions.